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21 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep in 2021

It’s almost the new year, and you know what that means… resolutions! It is a trend to start off on January 1st with ways to better yourself within the upcoming year, for some this means finally losing the weight, consuming a healthier diet, or beginning an exercise routine. While this may mean less visits to your local medical practice Greenville NC, many health and wellness resolutions are unsustainable and get dropped quickly. To break that cycle, it’s important to make resolutions that can not only improve health but also be followed for more than a few weeks. Greenville Health Care, your local medical practice Greenville NC is here to help in your new year resolution process by supplying you with this list of 21 realistic health resolutions you can actually keep well into 2021. 

Food and Beverages- 

  1. Cut back on sweetened beverages (artificial or natural)
  2. Cook more meals at home
  3. Eat more whole foods 
  4. Reduce the consumption of convenience foods
  5. Create a nourishing meal plan
  6. Shop solely from the far walls of grocery stores (staying away from the center isles)
  7. Cut back on alcohol consumption
  8. Choose lower calorie alcoholic options
  9. Meal prep


  1. Find a new physical activity that you enjoy
  2. Sit less and move more
  3. Stand at work 
  4. Take the stairs
  5. Join an exercise group
  6. Beat your goal from the week prior


  1. Get more quality sleep
  2. Practice self-care
  3. Limit screen time
  4. Be more present in life
  5. Stop negative thoughts
  6. Visit your doctor regularly

Creating a healthy relationship with food and digging deep into lifestyle choices can drastically improve your health in various ways. While most New Year’s resolutions are only kept for a short period of time, the staff at Greenville Health Care, your local medical practice Greenville NC tried to create realistic and sustainable resolutions that are healthy and sure to improve your physical and emotional health not only throughout 2021, but for years to come.