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Ever Heard of the Summer Cold?

We usually associate a cold with the winter time, but it is possible to get it in the summer too. It is more common than you think because many people will mistake it for allergies. The symptoms you experience in the winter are the same in the summer. So just because the temperature is changing outside, doesn’t mean you still can’t catch the common cold.

The Symptoms

With the weather constantly changing, you may brush your symptoms off as allergies. The main way to tell that it is not just allergies is that you’ll have other symptoms present. Itchy throat, runny nose and congestion can all be present in both situations, but a cold will have coughing, sweating and a fever.

How Long Your Symptoms Last

Allergies will last much longer than a cold. A cold will run its course in just about a week, whereas allergies can last two weeks or longer. When it is allergies, you can see your symptoms fluctuate. Ranging from mild to severe, your allergies will be consistent. The symptoms of allergies will also come all at once. When you have a cold, each individual symptom will present itself at a different time


If it is allergies, the symptoms will change as you move. As you change your location to different regions, the symptoms can worsen. If this is the case, you are dealing with allergies. The pollination will vary in different regions, so your allergies will change as well.

How To Cure The Summer Cold

Just as any cold you get in the winter, you’ll want to rest up and drink your fluids. The cold is nothing too serious, but it will have to run its course. If you are still unsure if you are dealing with allergies or a summer cold, visit one of our physicians at Greenville Health Center. We are a Family Medical Practice and Walk-in Medical Clinic. We can help you and anyone in your family dealing with these symptoms. We have been helping families in the Greenville community for years, and we accept most health insurances. Come in and see us today for any health concerns you may have. Contact Us Today!