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FAQ: Warts

At Greenville Health Care, we offer services in wart removal. You may be wondering how warts come about in the first place. Warts occur when the virus comes in contact with your skin and causes an infection. They are more likely to develop on broken skin because the virus enters through the top layer of skin. 

Can Warts be Prevented?

Warts can not be prevented, but you can take precautionary measures. Wash your hands regularly and keep your skin moisturized and free of cuts. Try to resist biting your nails, as it creates an opening for virus to enter your skin. 

Are They Contagious?

Warts are contagious. You can get them from coming in contact with someone else’s wart or with surfaces that touched someone’s wart, like a towel.

Can They Spread On My Own Body?

Yes, warts can be spread from one body part to another. Do not pick them and make sure to wash your hands whenever you touch one of your warts. If there is a wart in an area that you shave, remember that shaving over it could transfer the virus to the razor and spread it elsewhere. 

Will Warts Go Away On Their Own?

Some warts can go away without treatment, but others will not. Some take months or even years to go away. Any wart can spread to other parts of your body, so treat them either at home or at the doctor’s office as soon as they appear.

When Should I See A Doctor?

Many common warts can be treated with over-the-counter wart treatments. However, if your warts don’t go away after a few months, it may be time to visit your doctor. There are a variety of treatments and removal techniques that may work quicker than commercial products.

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