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Flu Prevention Tips

Guess what time of year it is? That’s right, flu season. With the nasty virus circulating all around us, we must do everything we can to avoid it. Here’s what to do:

Get Your Flu Shot

First and foremost, get your flu shot. It causes your body to release antibodies that can protect you from the most common virus strains in any given season. You may still get other strains of the virus, but it is less likely to be severe. 

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Keep Your Distance

The flu virus lives in respiratory secretions that travel through the air in small droplets when someone coughs or sneezes. They can fly about three feet before gravity brings them down, contaminating the air around you. Keep your distance from anyone who may have suspicious systems. You never know if it’s just a common cold or the flu.

Clean Communal Surfaces

The flu virus can linger for about 24 hours without a host, so you should wipe down those commonly-touched surfaces in your home or office. This includes light switches, fridge handles, phone chargers, etc. Do this at least once a day even if no one is sick. About 25% of people who become infected experience no symptoms, but can still be contagious. You can never be too careful.

Stay on Your Side

Blankets and pillows can host the flu virus for about 24 hours as well, especially in shared beds. If you can avoid sharing a bed with an infected partner, do so. If not, keep to yourself in the bed and change the sheets if your partner takes your pillow. If you have a roommate with the flu, have them use their own pillows and blankets if they choose to sit on the couch. Avoid sitting in the same spot for 24 hours.

Keep Toothbrush Stored

If you share a toothbrush holder with others in your home, consider storing it out of sight. If a roommate or family member is infected with the flu, the toothbrushes coming into contact with each other could transfer germs onto your toothbrush. You could also be risking a rogue sneeze in the restroom contaminating your bristles. 

Avoid Sharing

Whether it be the toothbrush holder, your side of the bed, or food, avoid sharing with anyone infected with the flu. It is also a good idea to do the dishes on your own, keeping an infected member of your household from planting the virus on utensils that may end up in your mouth.

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