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Ways to Work On Your Self-Care During Mental Health Month

This month, we’re recognizing and celebrating the diversity of mental health. Mental health looks different and unique for everyone. That’s why mental health month is so important. Learning about the intricacies of mental health and all of the different forms of self-care is important to maintain a healthy and happy life. Read on to hear some of urgent care Greenville NC favorite forms of self-care that can boost mental health!

  • Taking a Bath

There’s nothing quite like unwinding after a long day at work with a hot bath. Not only does a bath feel good, it does good for your body. Increasing blood flow, oxygen intake, relieves muscle tension, and even relieving cold or flu symptoms are just some of the benefits of taking a hot bath. Urgent care Greenville NC recommends adding in a bit of bath soak or scented bath soap to make your experience more relaxing.

  • Cooking your Favorite Meal

Comfort food is real. When you’re feeling a spark of inspiration or motivation, we encourage you to scratch the itch! Being spontaneous can help boost mental health and leave you feeling accomplished. Commonly, people find themselves wanting to cook a meal from home. Do it! One of our favorite healthy recipes is this absolutely divine Coconut Lime Chicken!

  • Taking a Nature Walk

Reconnecting with nature is said to have healing properties. We agree! Reconnecting yourself with nature is subconsciously boosting your mood and increasing your oxygen intake. Disconnecting from phones, social media, and a busy schedule momentarily can clear your mind and revive your mood. Taking frequent walks can also be healthy for those who like to get a good sweat on! If you don’t prefer to walk alone, grab a friend or a pet and take a walk. Walking and talking could work out some internal barriers that can boost productivity.

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