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What Are The Most Common Causes For Elbow Pain?

With the weather taking a toll on joints, it’s important to make sure that you’re staying aware of your pain levels in the cold. There are many different causes of elbow pain, depending on where the pain originated from, how sudden the pain started occurring, and more. Today, the leading medical offices in Greenville NC are sharing some of the most common ways in which elbow pain originates. Continue reading to figure out why you might be suffering from elbow pain!

First Things First – Symptoms

Before we get into some of the more common elbow pain causes, let’s discuss the main symptoms surrounding elbow pain. Common symptoms of elbow pain include:

  • Burning or aching at the elbow with movement
  • General pain
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Swelling

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it’s important that you visit Greenville Health Care, the leaders in medical offices in Greenville NC. Our team of medical professionals can help to locate the pain and develop a treatment plan that include the next steps to full recovery. Next, let’s go into some of the more common causes of elbow pain.

Common Causes of Elbow Pain

Below are some of the main causes of general elbow pain. Elbow pain can commonly be caused by compressed nerves in the neck and arm or from injured tendons that attach to the elbow.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can affect elbows, even if it’s commonly known for affecting the fingers, hands, and wrists. Cubital tunnel syndrome affects the elbow when the ulnar nerve is experiencing irritation or damage. If you are experiencing a tingling sensation in your hands, wrists, fingers, or elbows, it’s key that you visit our health clinic Greenville NC. Finding the source of the pain is the first step in curing it.


Osteoarthritis has the ability to attack any joint in your body that goes through wear and tear. The elbow is a vulnerable place for arthritis, especially with all of the movement that we create throughout the day. With this wear and tear comes the damage of protective cartilage that covers the end of the bones. When this cartilage gets worn down, the bones begin to rub against each other. This can lead to pain, swelling, and deformation of the joint.


Radiculopathy is the pinching of a nerve’s root in the spinal column. This nerve travels from the neck down the arm. When this nerve gets pinched in the spinal column, that pain can travel from the neck to the arm, causing elbow pain or numbness. Our health clinic Greenville NC professionals will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will maximize your desired results.

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While we have given you some common causes of elbow pain, it is important to come into our medical offices in Greenville NC to receive reliable care and treatment from our experienced health care team. For more information on elbow pain, visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our health clinic Greenville NC services.;