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Get Heart-Healthy With Greenville Healthcare

February is American Heart Month, a month dedicated to motivating Americans to embrace healthy habits to prevent heart disease. Due to the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19, people with poor cardiovascular health are at an even higher risk of developing severe illnesses. It’s no secret that accomplishing personal health goals is easier when you have allies supporting you. That’s why Greenville Healthcare, your local medical practice Greenville NC, is here to share some ways all of us can live a more heart-healthy lifestyle.  

Although heart disease is a leading cause of death among Americans, the good news is that heart disease is predominantly preventable. Once you make the choice to change your lifestyle, you begin taking control of your heart health. With heart disease having the possibility of leading to heart attacks, it is important to understand your personal risk factors and make the move toward a healthier lifestyle. 

Fuel Your Body  

Food is part of what energizes us and keeps us going throughout the day, so it is no surprise that your diet has an impact on your heart health. Beyond fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods are also beneficial in improving your heart health. Fish, lean meats above the 95 percent lean mark, and eggs are all examples of foods high in protein. While many people believe that they should avoid foods with fat at all costs, there is such a thing as “good” fats. Foods high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as nuts, salmon, and avocados are recommended for a heart-healthy diet

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some things you should limit in your diet like sodium, saturated fat, and added sugars. Foods high in sodium can cause high blood pressure which is a leading contributor to heart disease. Therefore, choosing fresh, no-salt-added foods are best for preventing high blood pressure. Don’t worry, your food can still be flavorful by simply swapping salt with herbs and spices. Saturated fats are the opposite of the “good” fats we mentioned earlier, and they should make up less than 10% of your daily calorie intake. A good rule of thumb is to check food labels and choose foods lower in saturated fats and higher in unsaturated fats. 

Move Your Body 

It’s time to reach your Steps goal and get moving! Maybe your New Year’s Resolution didn’t go as planned, but all hope isn’t lost. American Heart Month is the perfect opportunity to get back to working toward your health goals. Not only will regular physical activity help prevent heart disease, but it is also proven to lower stress and improve your mental health. 

Greenville Healthcare recommends talking with the doctors at our medical practice Greenville NC before you begin your new exercise plan. We can talk about what types of physical activities are best suited for you. Any amount of physical activity from power walking to intense aerobic exercises can benefit your heart health. 

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Greenville Healthcare is a family medical practice Greenville NC that is committed to providing compassionate patient care. We care about you and your heart, so that’s why we encourage you to adopt these heart-healthy habits! If you need quality health care at an affordable price, contact Greenville Healthcare today.