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How to Alleviate Seasonal Allergies with Urgent Care Greenville NC

Seasonal allergies are a pain. If you are amongst the 50 million Americans who experience seasonal allergies, the leading urgent care Greenville NC is here to help! We’ve created a list of ways that you can knock out stubborn allergies with these at-home tips. Remember, if your allergies persist, please visit our Greenville walk in clinic for professional care! Follow along to learn more about how you can combat pollen and dust.

What Are Allergies, Anyway?

Allergies are a result of your body’s natural reaction to foreign substances, otherwise known as allergens, entering your system. Allergies present themselves in the form of a number of symptoms, including:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • runny noses (nasal allergies)
  • congestion
  • skin redness and/or irritation
  • sinus swelling
  • itchy eyes

Seasonal allergies are triggered by natural elements, such as pet hair, pollen, dust, trees and grasses, cockroaches, and rodent dander. While there is no cure for allergies, our urgent care Greenville NC team ensures that there are ways in which you can fight allergens to keep your sinuses clear and your spring days more enjoyable.

Check the Weather

Checking the weather for pollen count is a great preventative measure that anyone with a radio, television, or wifi signal can take to prevent allergy symptoms from forming. Your local weather station should have live updates regarding pollen forecasts and levels. If pollen levels are high, our Greenville walk in clinic recommends spending less time outside to prevent a spike in allergy symptoms.

If staying inside isn’t an option, be sure to take over-the-counter allergy medication to prevent worsened symptoms. Overnight, make sure that your windows are closed to prevent the spread of pollen indoors. Most importantly, avoid playing outside during peak pollen count hours. This will more than likely exacerbate your symptoms, and leave you feeling drowsy.

Try Over-the-Counter Remedies

Over 75 percent of Americans manage their seasonal allergies with over-the-counter medication. While we may first recommend a more holistic option, there is a wide range of medications that work to alleviate certain symptoms that cause a draining of energy. Allergy medicines are listed in categories determined by what they treat. Read more about each medication type that is available over the counter:

  • Antihistamines: Antihistamines are designed to block symptom-causing histamines within the body. Common antihistamines include Allegra, Zyrtec, and Benadryl.
  • Corticosteroids: Often recommended by Greenville walk in clinics as the first line of allergy symptom defense, corticosteroids are typically administered topically to directly treat the area most affected by your allergies. The most common form of corticosteroid is a nasal spray.
  • Decongestant nasal drops/sprays: Decongestants focus on reducing inflammation of the sinus cavity, making it easier for you to breathe.

Visit Our Urgent Care Greenville NC

When over-the-counter treatments aren’t providing you with desired results, it may be time to visit our Greenville walk in clinic. Our family doctors Greenville NC may request to perform skin or blood tests to uncover exactly which allergens trigger your bothersome symptoms. For those experiencing extreme reactions to allergens, allergen immunotherapy may be a viable option. This treatment involves regularly-prescribed injections containing tiny amounts of the allergens that cause your reactions. Over time, your body’s immune system can build up a resistance to these substances, resulting in a less aggressive reaction.

Greenville Health Care | Family Doctors Greenville NC

At Greenville Health Care, we want to work with you to develop a care plan that meets your best interest. With the help of our Greenville walk in clinic team, we can aid in treating you with effective care methods and get you back to feeling yourself. Don’t let allergies keep you in a fog this season. Contact our urgent care Greenville NC office today to schedule an appointment!